What Maguey Exchange is all about 

Maguey Exchange is revitalizing the agave spirits industry and bridging the gap between producers and buyers – all while honoring and upholding the delicate balance between innovation and preservation. 
After spending years forging relationships within the spirits industry and with producers all over Mexico, Rob gained deep insights into the challenges artisans faced, from market access hurdles to obtaining just compensation for their crafts. Driven by a passion for economic empowerment, sustainability, and a commitment to these artisans, he embarked on a mission to alleviate these challenges.
The Maguey Exchange is established to streamline and simplify the connections between Mexico's agave spirits producers and global importers and brands using supply chain technology.
August 2021
August 2021
October 2022
MGx partners with bext360 to use the blockchain to build capacity for how we produce and deliver agricultural goods and maintain the ecosystem and launches an MVP.
October 2022
MGx expands its team and the MVP to test and validate the “smart sourcing” concept for agave, production, and inventory visibility with a subset of producers throughout Oaxaca. 
January 2023
January 2023
December 2023
MGx launches a pilot program that links producers to buyers through integrated features for ordering, logistics management, and sustainability tracking.
December 2023

Our beliefs

Our beliefs
At MGx, we envision a world where technology and tradition can come together to reshape the face of production and consumption.

To make that happen, we’re creating technology that empowers producers, connects buyers with the culture and tradition of agave spirits, and supports the environmental preservation of the regions where these spirits originate.

These core principles guide the work we do:

Community empowerment

The Maguey Exchange puts the producers, their needs, and their community first by investing in community development, creating transparent marketplaces, and keeping more profit from each bottle directly where they’re sourced and produced.


We recognize that there must be an intentional balance between planting and harvesting to protect our natural resources and biodiversity for future generations. That’s why we work with producers and buyers to optimize management initiatives, forecast environmental and production impact, and encourage the use of waste and natural inputs as a resource.

Technology-fueled impact

Although technology is not a substitute for good policies and implementation, it can greatly accelerate development if effectively harnessed. Our platform partners with producers to maximize technological gains and increase productivity and efficiency, culminating in positive social impact and greater shared prosperity for all.

The people behind MGx

Meet the leaders, innovators, and boundary pushers behind Maguey Exchange.
Rob Weir

Rob Weir

Rob Weir is a former Airborne Ranger in the U.S. Army with over 11 years of experience in organizational transformation, forecasting, strategy and operating model development, supply chain and network optimization, and identifying critical capabilities and capacity constraints.

Jermaine Clark
Creative Director

Jermaine Clark

Jermaine Clark is a former Lieutenant - Captain in the U.S. Army with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, data & analytics, risk analysis, and commercial supply chains.

Tabitha Holbert

Tabitha Holbert

Tabitha Holbert has over 15 years of experience in software, consumer products, and sustainable subscription solutions and specializes in Python, React.js, PHP, JAVA, Django, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, web application development, firmware, mobile application development, and more.

Diana Morris
Chief of Staff & Strategic Operations

Diana Morris

Diana Morris has over 15 years of experience in communication, compliance, and personal and organizational development.

See the rest of our team

Niki Lewis


Sustainability Manager

Niki Lewis is the Director of Sustainability & Supply Chain Digitization at Bext360 and has over 10 years of experience in technology, supply chains, and product management.

Anthony Ruizcalderon


Head of Revenue

Anthony Ruizcalderon is a former Captain in the U.S. Army and has over 10 years of experience in financial management, capital investments, and business development strategy.

Javier Rodriguez


Head of Finance

Javier Rodriguez has over 10 years of experience across technology, strategy, operations, and M&A and has taken several companies public via IPO.

Roland Cole


Head of Strategy

Roland Cole has over 10 years of experience researching and investing in growth companies, and specializes in software and tech enabled disruption.

Geraldine Freyria


Operations Manager

Geraldine Freyria specializes in conservation during times of crisis and partners with governments, museums, and other groups to create databases, budgets, and roadmaps to protect historic objects and diagnose and restore damaged assets.

Rebecca Cox


Supply Chain Manager

Gabriel Bracho is an operations leader with experience building and scaling teams and early-stage startups. He specializes in eCommerce, middle mile, warehouse management, partnerships, supply chain, and logistics.

Sebastien Depestre


Marketing Strategist

Kayla Fargo is a seasoned B2B marketing strategist and leader with over a decade of experience in creating, launching, and scaling high-impact marketing initiatives. Her focus is on building a strategic product narrative that resonates with artisanal spirit buyers and importers, setting the stage for MGx's long-term, sustainable growth. 

Our Advisors

Alejandro Aispuro



Alejandro Aispuro has over 10 years of experience in natural fermentations, recipe development, blending, and sensory analysis of whisky and other distilled spirits.

Jeff Agdern



Jeff Agdern has over 15 years of experience as a wine and spirits executive, craft spirits board member, and industry advisor.

Edgar Altamirano



Edgar was the co-founder of Espacio Mezcal where he worked with more than 100 mezcaleros from all over Oaxaca to curate the selections. His tours focus on the relationships he built over five years with mezcaleros and communities, and his breadth of knowledge about not only the production process, but also the cultural and historical importance of mezcal.

James Rolfsen



James Rolfsen is the Global Head of Data and AI for Rappi, a Latin American unicorn company that provides on-demand delivery services in Latin America. He has over 15 years of experience in the data industry, with a focus on machine learning and data science.

Our impact

We’re working directly with producers and buyers on our platform to optimize management initiatives, forecast environmental and production impact, and encourage the use of waste and natural inputs as a resource. 
And as we meet growing demands for more transparent, stronger supply chains – and the imperative for an ethical exchange of agricultural goods to protects vulnerable populations and natural resources – we’re keeping mezcaleros and their communities front and center.
out impact

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