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Real stories about producers thriving on the MGx app

The app was very easy to learn because the Maguey Exchange onboarding team came in person to our palenque and walked us through it.


We’re excited to be a part of the MVP of the Maguey Exchange platform. We are finally able to have a view into the distillation process and track our product through the supply chain.

las chingonas imports
las chingonas

Rob’s team has been very helpful with our business from marketing to sharing our rare breeds for new spirits with importers to expand our sales.

espina dorada
espina dorada
Jessica Hernandez

[Technology] allow[s] mezcal masters to have more precise references about what they work on, what they produce… and it can be useful for mezcal masters in their palenques or in their production. For example, information about agaves or details about distillation. New things that could be helpful.

Carmen Vasquez Ruiz
Carmen Vasquez Ruiz
Maestro Del Mezcal

You might be wondering…

Who’s eligible to participate in an MGx pilot?

Producers interested in connecting their spirits with a larger network of buyers are eligible to participate in the MGx pilot. Moreover, if you're a spirits producer looking to incorporate digital tools into your business, our MGx pilot is a perfect way to learn more about your operations and have more information to share with the world.

What’s the duration of the pilot?

The duration of the Maguey Exchange pilot program is six months. This allows ample time for participants to become familiar with our platform, implement changes, and experience initial business results from their implementation of MGx.

What’s the cost of participating in the pilot?

There is no cost for producers to participate in the Maguey Exchange pilot program. We're committed to making our platform accessible to as many agave producers and buyers as possible, to drive the shift towards more sustainable and equitable agave production and supply.

What are the participation requirements/ commitments?

Participants in the Maguey Exchange pilot program are required to actively use our platform for the duration of the pilot, and to provide regular feedback on their experience. This helps us continually improve our platform and services. We also ask that participants commit to implementing sustainable and ethical practices in their operations.

When will I receive an invitation, if I’m accepted?

We will review applications for the Maguey Exchange pilot program by December 2023. If you're accepted into the program, you can expect to receive an invitation via email within the second week of December.

I have more questions – is there someone I can talk to?

Absolutely! We're here to help. If you have any further questions about the Maguey Exchange pilot program, you can contact our Pilot team at They’ll be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have.