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Source new agave spirits producers and products

The Maguey Exchange bridges the gap between importers and vetted agave spirits producers who would otherwise be undiscoverable.

Our platform provides importers visibility into agave spirits producers, products, pricing, production capacity, quality standards, and sustainability efforts – everything you need to make data-informed decisions, streamline operations, and enrich your portfolio.
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Source new agave spirits producers and products
Track and trace your agave spirits’ journey across the entire supply chain

Track and trace your agave spirits’ journey across the entire supply chain

From field to bottle to border, the Maguey Exchange platform provides unmatched transparency across every step of the agave spirits supply chain.

Our platform allows importers to evaluate producer performance on parameters like delivery reliability and responsiveness, ensuring you're partnering with the best. Our aim is to help importers navigate the intricate world of agave spirits sourcing with control, clarity, and assurance.
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Voices of tradition and innovation

So many people benefit from mezcal, not just the mezcal producers but the people who make our tools and equipment, it’s a cyclic job that benefits a lot of people. So when you’re home, sipping your mezcal, you realize that it’s not a one person job or effort, there’s a whole community behind it, or several communities.

La Solfa

It's crucial for me to understand all the costs incurred by a producer to manufacture 1 liter of mezcal… I believe a platform that could bring together both sides—the producers and marketers—should take on this responsibility.

Cynthia Ruiz Villalobos
Cynthia Ruiz Villalobos
Aventureros del Mezcal

I believe that the best brands today are small brands in terms of production but huge in quality. There's a family behind each of them. In our case, we live here in the distillery, every day we have contact with the drink, we are producing and distilling it. We also have to enjoy it almost every day. And the importance is that we know how each process is going.

Gonzalo Martinez Sernas
Gonzalo Martinez
Mezcal Macurichos

With agave based spirits gaining more prominence in the industry, the opportunity to make sourcing, procurement, and marketing easier is welcomed. The MGx platform is a powerful tool for efficiently matching supply with demand by curating great products for importers and brands looking to bring authentic spirits and stories to customers.

Jeff Agdern
Jeff Agdern
Wine & Spirits Executive,
Craft Spirits Board Member,
Industry Advisor

You might be wondering…

Who’s eligible to participate in an MGx pilot?

Anyone interested in sourcing agave spirits directly from producers is eligible to participate in the MGx pilot. This includes buyers – such as importers – or brand owners looking to diversify and expand their agave spirits offerings. 

Moreover, if you're a buyer aiming to optimize your operations while infusing greater transparency and visibility into your supply chain, our MGx pilot program is perfectly suited for you. We're specifically looking for participants who are eager to streamline their sourcing processes, understand the intricacies of their supply chain, and make more informed procurement decisions. By joining our pilot, these participants will not only have access to a diverse range of agave spirits, but will also experience first-hand how our platform can transform and enhance their sourcing strategies.

What’s the duration of the pilot?

The duration of the Maguey Exchange pilot program is six months. This allows ample time for participants to become familiar with our platform, implement changes, and experience initial business results from their implementation of MGx.

What’s the cost of participating in the pilot?

There is no cost to participate in the Maguey Exchange pilot program beyond a one-time set-up fee. We're committed to making our platform accessible to as many agave producers and buyers as possible, to drive the shift towards more sustainable and equitable agave production and supply.

What are the participation requirements/ commitments?

Participants in the Maguey Exchange pilot program are required to actively use our platform for the duration of the pilot, and to provide regular feedback on their experience. This helps us continually improve our platform and services. We also ask that participants commit to implementing sustainable and ethical practices in their operations.

When will I receive an invitation, if I’m accepted?

We will review applications for the Maguey Exchange pilot program by December 2023. If you're accepted into the program, you can expect to receive an invitation via email within the second week of December.

I have more questions – is there someone I can talk to?

Absolutely! We're here to help. If you have any further questions about the Maguey Exchange pilot program, you can contact our Pilot team at They’ll be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have.